Advantages of video advertising

It is important for companies to do video marketing if they are to increase the outreach of their brand. Videos can easily attract the attention of the viewers. This also results in more number of customers for your brand as your video reaches to different parts. But if you haven’t used video marketing, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits are

Number of viewers

Video advertising allows people to watch your videos and this should be your main aim to make people more videos. The swill slowly leads to purchasing of the product. It has been found that most of the people purchase products after watching the video.

Video ads convert sales

Many of the leading online marketplaces have informed that the chances of buying a product increase when the buyer sees a video along with the product description. This means that if you add a video in the product description, the chances of the person buying that product increases.

People share video

When a person watching a product video, if he/she likes the product, they can share it with their friends and family. They can also share it on the social media platforms. This will only result in advertising of your brand. This will also increase your brand’s exposure as well.

Viewers are usually mobile users

Most of the videos have been watched on mobile devices and especially mobile phones. Videos of about one minute or 30 seconds are mostly watched on the mobile phones rather than computers.

Information and education

Videos incorporate both audios as well as visual elements. These are known to perform as educational tools as well. Video advertising is better when there are product demonstrations for guides on different products and the viewers can see the working of various things and learn new skills.

Search engines prefer video

One of the biggest advantages for your company is that search engines prioritize search result which has videos on them. So if there are videos contents, then the algorithm of the search result puts them on the top. If you distribute the videos in the social media and post them on different blogs and uploading them on the websites, increase the likelihood that the audience would find your video when they will search for the relevant information.


These benefits might not be too big but they aren’t too small to be ignored as well. These benefits should be enough for you to start video advertising if you haven’t done it yet.