Are you prepared for your furniture moving?

One of the significant disadvantages while moving is to know what to do with the greater part of your furniture: how to dismantle them? How to assemble them? How not to lose the separable parts? That is not all: how to guarantee the vehicle of an impressive household item that can’t be dismantled? Regardless of whether you select Moving company service like UmzugZug or choose to do it without anyone’s help, we want to give you some tips.

To move a piece of furniture without missing parts

Whether or not you choose to use a specialized company, know that there are tips to facilitate the transport of furniture. Some parts of your furniture are heavy and bulky. It will therefore be cunning to overcome. A question often comes back to our customers: When disassembling, what technique to use to avoid misplacing screws, dowels and nails constituting my furniture?

Do I have to dismantle all my furniture?

It all depends on the situation, to tell the truth. The advantages of dismantling some of your furniture will indeed be obvious in some cases:

  • On the off chance that you need to move a household item that is massive and hard to transport
  • if you are looking to optimize your storage space
  • if some access points are too narrow to pass your furniture

If you trust Umzug Zug for your furniture moving, then you will not have to think about anything, they will take care of your each and every problem.

Umzugsfirma ZugIn the case of cheap furniture

However, we will not know how to discourage disassembly. Since they are fragile, you may have problems when you put them back together.

For home-made furniture

It is generally recommended to use specialized movers. The latter will indeed be able to take charge of their dismantling, transport and reassembly.

bissigumzuege furniture transport service

Rather than renting a utility vehicle, take the risk of lumbago or damage the furniture, bissigumzuege suggests you call their furniture transport service . Our offers, simple and flexible, allow you to choose exclusively the services that suit you the most.

A cheap solution for transporting furniture

Throughout Switzerland, our network offers a secure furniture transportation service at a competitive price. Our status as a specialized company offers us a major advantage: optimize the price of the trip. This allows us to offer unbeatable prices.

Calling bissigumzuegemeans choosing a flexible service adapted to your situation, whether you need to dismantle, clean, pack or reassemble your furniture.